Popwish Marketing

In a world where corporations find it harder and harder to establish meaningful connections with their customers, popwish is the solution. By designing and crafting your tailor made personalised cards, we make sure that your customers are left speechless.
Establish truly lasting relationships with your customers by showing you care. 
You will be rewarded with loyalty and engagement.
Making sure you stand out
Whether it is your logo or another symbol that is relevant to your business, we can design and craft any kind of card based on your preferences and ideas. Whether they are greeting cards, business cards or promotions, Popwish makes sure that they not only pop out, but stand out.
Popwish Idea Factory
You don’t have any ideas? Never mind, let us do the heavy lifting.
Take advantage of our absolutely free consulting by sending us a mail with your business profile, your idea or simply the occasion.
You don’t have an occasion in mind?
How about simply telling your customers how you appreciate their business. Kindness can go a long way! 
Popwish Marketing Information
Please have in mind that every Popwish card whether customised or not is handmade.
The process of designing, sampling and crafting your customised card will take time. In general, the process takes between 3 to 6 weeks, so make sure to reach out in advance. 
The prices will vary greatly depending on the complexity and volume of the order, starting as low as 3-4€ per card.